Welcome to Hope's Garden

A community of women growing & healing together, as we come to know True Love, Christ our Bridegroom

Welcome to Hope’s Garden

Hello and welcome to Hope's Garden! We are a private community of Catholic women sharing our joys, sorrows, triumphs, and trials along the path of healing and freedom in Christ.   🌹

Who is this community for?

Hope's Garden is for women who are seeking a deeper and more intimate relationship with God, sisterhood within a safe, supportive community. It is also a place where women will find resources for healing from betrayal, abuse, emotional wounding, or the effects of early life trauma.

What's Inside?

  • 🌹 ENCOUNTER THE BRIDEGROOM OF OUR SOULS: Learn about being a Bride of Christ and our three forms of Consecrated Life. Participate in our 12-week heart-led studies of The Song of Songs (requires a book purchase and optional video subscription).
  • 🌹 INTERCESSORY PRAYER SUPPORT GROUPS: Access our weekly intercessory prayer support groups for a safe space to share our worries and woundedness, pray together and claim Christ's healing.
  • 🌹 BETRAYAL TRAUMA SUPPORT: Walk with others who are familiar with the devastating effects of a spouse’s pornography/sex addiction or other marital betrayals. Our support groups are 100% Catholic, Christ-centric, and prayerful. 
  • 🌹 DOMESTIC ABUSE SUPPORT: Join support and skills groups with other Catholic women and Catholic coaches in a safe Christ-centered space to share, pray, heal, and discern together.

  • 🌹 CONSECRATED LIFE: Hope’s Garden offers various forms of consecration for making a gift of yourself to Christ the Bridegroom.

  • 🌹 DISCUSSION FORUMS: Opportunities to engage with others around topics of interest, such as: “Saints and Teachers,” “Theology of the Body,” “Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance Prayer,” and lots more.
  • 🌹 BOOK STUDIES & WEEKLY TIMES OF REFLECTION: Find many live gatherings (virtually over Zoom) to address various needs and interests.
  • 🌹 PREMIUM OFFERINGS: Recorded workshops, inner healing groups, in-person retreats and more. 

Join Us Now 🌹

✨ Choose a plan below. All plans include full access. The difference between the plans is that three include a monthly donation in addition to the $7 membership fee. 
If the $7 fee is a financial hardship, please reach out to us at [email protected].
We look forward to welcoming you to our community. ✨